Crime And Consequences In Beijing's Back Alleys


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A native of Beijing, author Diane Wei Liang now lives in London, where she writes her mystery novels in English.  But though she simplifies some of the Chinese names and details in her books for the benefit of her foreign audience, Liang's fiction is still steeped in the sights and sounds of her homeland...


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Until recently Diane Wei Liang was a management professor at the University of London.  But last year her manuscript for The Eye of Jade, a story about a female detective in Beijing, was sold to publishers in 25 countires -- almost unheard of for a fiction debut. "Suddenly," she says, "there was all this pressure to write more!"...



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If ever a woman has shown herself to be the architect of her own destiny, it's the writer Diane Wei Liang.  The life she leads now is so extraordinarily different to the life she was born into in 1966 that it's almost impossbile to reconcile the two...  

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