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Diane Wei Liang discusses China's property crisis with France 24 Television.  

Diane Wei Liang taking part in The Debate on China-US/China-Europe relationships on France 24 Television.  

Diane Wei Liang discusses China's Zero-Covid policy with Kirsty Wark on BBC Newsnight.  

Diane Wei Liang discusses China's Zero-Covid policy with Kathy Newman on Channel 4 Evening News.  

Diane Wei Liang shares her personal stories growing up in China on the eve of of Chinese Communist Party's 100th anniversity with Monocle

Diane Wei Liang joins Kay Burley on the Kay Burley Breakfast Show on Sky News to discuss Chinese New Year 2020 and traditions of Chinese cultulre.  

"China is reevaluating its 'one country, two systems' model for Hong Kong." Diane Wei Liang joins BBC Dateline London to discuss Hong Kong, Trump's impeachment hearing and climate crisis.  

"The biggest achievement of China in the past 70 years is lifting almost a billion people out of porverty.." Diane Wei Liang joins BBC Dateline London to discuss China at 70.  

Diane Wei Liang joins BBC Dateline London to discuss the protests in Hong Kong and the latest Brexit news. 

"The long term future of Hong Kong is far from certain." Diane Wei Liang discusses the protests in Hong Kong, tensions in the Middle East and the Tory leadership contest on BBC Dateline London.

"It is not uncommon for people to disappear in China, be they movie stars or the President of Interpol." Diane Wei Liang tells Cathy Newman on Channel 4 Evening News.

Brexit leadership, no term limits for China's President Xi and the Italian election. Diane Wei Liang joins the panel on Dateline London, BBC 



How Much Can China Influence North Korea?


"China's influence over North Korea has deteriorated," Diane Wei Liang tells Channel 4 News.   

Bailey's Women's Prize for Fiction 


Diane Wei Liang discusses what makes a great thriller at Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction Book Bar.



When Trump met Xi


"The Chinese sees Trump as a deal-maker, but they're starting to wonder if he is a one trick pony," Diane Wei Liang tells BBC Newsnight.   

China-US relationship with Henry Kissinger


Author and former business professor Diane Wei Liang discusses China-US relationship with former US Secretary of State and Nobel Prize winner Henry Kissinger on BBC Newsnight.

"Chilling" to hear John McDonnell quote Mao's Little Red Book


Author Diane Wei Liang who grew up in China during The Cultural Revoluion said...on The Today Program, BBC Radio 4.  


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