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What Makes a Great Thriller 


Diane Wei Liang discusses what makes a great thriller at Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction Book Bar.



When Trump met Xi


"The Chinese sees Trump as a deal-maker, but they're starting to wonder if he is a one trick pony," Diane Wei Liang tells Newsnight.   

China Protests Trump's Taiwan Call 


Forty-year of protocol - upset by one phone call.  Chinese Author Diane Wei Liang discusses the impact of Trump's Taiwan call on China-US relationship..



What does Trump versus Clinton mean for US versus China 


What would the election of Trump o Clinton mean for US relations with China - and who would Chinese leaders prefer? Monocle's Steve Bloomfield is joined by Chinese novelist Diane Wei Liang....



Theresa May's student crackdown will cost post-Brexit Britain dearly 


According to the commentator Diane Wei Liang, on the Today programme, Mrs May's tightening of visa rules had already earned her the charming...


President Xi's State Visit to the UK


Author and former business professor Diane Wei Liang discusses President Xi Jinping's state visit to the UK

China-US relationship with Henry Kissinger


Author and former business professor Diane Wei Liang discusses China-US relationship with former US Secretary of State and Nobel Prize winner Henry Kissinger 

"Chilling" to hear John McDonnell quote Mao's Little Red Book


Author Diane Wei Liang who grew up in China during The Cultural Revoluion said...


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