How much can China influence North Korea?


"China's influence over North Korea has deterioated,"  Diane Wei Liang tells Channel 4 News.


China will continue to trade with the UK post-Brexit


"From China's point of view, Brexit is a non-issue.  China wants to trade with the UK," Diane Wei Liang tells Sky News.




Author Diane Wei Liang remembers the late Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo (22:57)


"Liu Xiaobo saved our lives after Tiananmen Square protests," Diane Wei Liang tells Newsnight




President Xi and Trump Summit


"China sees Trump as a deal-maker, but they're starting to wonder if he's a one trick pony," Diane Wei Liang tells Newsnight




China Protests Trump's Taiwan call 


Forty-year of protocol - upset by one phone call.  Chinese author Diane Wei Liang discusses implications of Trump's Taiwan call on US-China relationship....


What does Trump versus Clinton mean for US versus China 


Monocle's Steve Bloomfield is joined by Chinese novelist Diane Wei Liang....

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